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No Show/No Paperwork

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Good Evening Families,

I take my time creating a specific schedule so we don’t have ALL CALLS every rehearsal and have the cast wasting time not being used.  With that said, we had several kids missing from this evenings rehearsal.  If your child is sick or cannot make it to rehearsal, please let me know.  If we continue to have kids miss rehearsal because they are not reading the schedule, I will resort to having ALL CALLS at every rehearsal.

In addition, we are still missing payment and paperwork from several families.  Please send it in ASAP.  Also, we have received some payments without the paperwork.  We need the paperwork signed and returned for emergency contact info as well as T-Shirt sizes.  If you need a copy of the paperwork, I attached it on the blog last week.  Please scroll down and print.

Thank you,




Author: larmano

Vocal and Stage Performance Coach

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