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Hello Cast & Crew Parents: The following is the volunteer list for Tech Week & During the Shows.  We are still looking for a few volunteers for Fridays show and Ushers for both nights.  If you can help with any missing slots or have any questions, please contact Pam Sartorelli at  Thanks!

There is a link at the bottom for a PDF version of this spreadsheet.

4/12 Sunday 12:00-4:00 Rehearsal Connie Apicella
Cory Connors
Kelly Hibbs
Agnes Hayes
Patti Cronin
4/13 Monday 2:30-4:30 Rehearsal Gina Kun
Emina Walsh
4/14 Tuesday 2:30-4:30 Rehearsal
4/15 Wed 5:30-9:30 Dress Rehearsal Pilar DiTomaso
Suzanne Amato
Erin Moriarity
4/16 Thurs 5:30-9:30 Dress Rehearsal Anne Alvino
Chris Gebski
Patti Cronin
4/17 Friday 5:30-9:00 Show Backstage Anne Alvino
Chris Gebski
4/18 Saturday 5:30-9:00 Show Backstage Patti Cronin
Pilar DiTomaso
4/18/ Saturday After Show Costume Check In Nancy Graziano
Anne Alvino
Caroline Lawless
4/17 Friday 2:00 Chair Set Up Dawn Keenan
4/17 Friday 9:00 Clean Up Stan & Peter Graziano
Suzanne Xydias
4/18 Saturday 9:00 Clean Up Ross & Julie Desmet
Stan & Peter Graziano
4/17 Friday 6-7 & Inter Raffle Jeremy Greene
4/17 Friday 6-7 & Inter Candy Grams Michelle Draper
4/17 Friday 6pm-7pm Ticket Sales Manuela Stewart
Heather Connerty
4/17 Friday 6-7 & Inter Bake Sale Lisa MacDougall
Christy Reynolds
Dawn Keenan
intermission Mauela Stewart
4/18 Saturday 6-7 & Inter Raffle Jeanne Corliss
Sarah Sorenson
4/18 Saturday 6-7 & Inter Candy Grams Michelle Draper
Chris Jackson
4/18 Saturday 6pm-7pm Ticket Sales Johann Mooney
Suzanne Amato
Hope Beaudet
4/18 Saturday 6-7 & Inter Bake Sale Lisa Macdougall
Andrea Wynn
Shikimah Harrigan
Theresa Apicella
intermission Sarah LaCroix
Volunteers for Beauty and the Beast

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