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Tech Week!!!!!!!

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I can’t believe that tech week is upon us!! The cast and crew have been working very hard and they’re ready to hit the stage!!! 

Please remember to be on time for each rehearsal and pick up.  We will have the children ready to leave promptly at 9:30pm on the late night dress rehearsals. Please note both dress rehearsals are CLOSED rehearsals to parents. If you are picking up, please do not come in early to catch a sneak peek. 

Don’t forget to send your child in with snacks and CLEAR liquid drinks for the long rehearsals. Meals should be eaten before rehearsals. 

Sunday, April 12th is 12-4

Monday, April 13th is 2:30-4:30

Tuesday, April 14th is 2:30-4:30

Wednesday, April 15th is 5:30-9:30

Thursday, April 16th is 5:30-9:30

Thank you in advance to my amazing production team and the parent volunteers!!! I’m looking forward to another ‘Broadway In Bradford’ show! 

Liz 🎭


Author: larmano

Vocal and Stage Performance Coach

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